Year: 2009

Description: memoir vignettes about grieving, partying, death and friends


“Nicolle Jennelle’s series People Make Plans is one of the best written zines you will find. Hands down. Great writing, and great layout (velum covers on these, check the photos below). This issue is about family and death, grief and survival. It’s an important piece of work that’s both a story of Nicole’s upbringing and a story of what it is to be alive and struggling (and finding beauty sometimes) in the modern day.” — Pioneers Press

People Make Plans is a slowly bubbling perzine, that pulls you in at an even and methodical pace. Nicole switches back and forth between her life in Portland, Oregon, drunkenly racing over bridges, to her childhood in New England. Nicole wrote People Make Plans after her mother and grandmother suddenly passed away, and her description of her grief, of selecting photos for the memorial slideshow, of trying to be the brave-faced older sister, are absolutely heart-wrenching. In Nicole’s zine, the themes are universal and the writing is superbly vivid.” —Microcosm


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