Year: 2016

Description: memoir vignettes on pets, power, non-romantic love, affection and domination. What does it mean to love another being? What do we give up? What do we gain? Is love only fulfilling when it’s transactional?


“This person can WRITE. People Make Plans #3 pulls you straight into Nicolle’s world without a lot of introductions or context, but a huge story emerges from the details they include. The writing is poetic and sparse with a high degree of irony. Their stories are alarming, humorous. Stories that seem simple, like ones they tell about various pets the family had growing up, bristle with danger and confusion. I don’t want to reveal too many plot points because this is the internet, but I really recommend this zine. This writer has a big memoir voice that they’re sharing on the DIY in this gem of a zine.” —Sleeping Creatures Distro

“The third issue of People Make Plans is about healing and animal death, wild family and sad life. It’s also one of the best-written zines we’ve read lately. Visual and smart, relatable and goddamn beautifully designed with a purple vellum cover. So good. Don’t fuck around; read this zine ASAP. Nicolle is one helluva writer” — Pioneers Presspeople_make_planspeople_make_plans

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