Year: 2017

Description: mini-zine short story about the flash flood in New Orleans August 5, 2017.


“Described as a mini-zine memoir about the 8/5/2017 flash floor in New Orleans with themes of friendship, love, grieving, cats, PTSD, and flooding, this zine has a hand-rolled ink cover (blue) with fingerpainted gold smears; the zine itself is printed on ivory colored paper. Of all the zines I got in this review batch, this is the one I looked at first because the construction is different from anything I’ve seen before; it’s basically this tiny little zine tucked inside an art print, which is cool. The zine itself is well-written; I won’t give away what happens (you should get it & read it & find out for yourself!) but I will tell you I couldn’t put it down. It’s a fast read and an important one; the writing is vivid and you’ll be compelled to read through start-to-finish. Interesting, innovative design; this one is worth getting and reading; it’s also lovely to look at as a design object. Highly recommended.” —xerography debt

“The new issue of People Make Plans is a gorgeously designed zine beyond compare. In it, Nicole Jennelle recounts her personal journey through the August 5th, 2017 flash flood in New Orleans. Within: swimming in garbage water, best cat friends, and figuring out how to be a grown up.” — antiquated future


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